Digital transformation is on the rise and no industry is immune

A model to follow: How Uber revolutionized transport

Uber, an American tech company that enables customers to call, track, and pay for a car using the Uber app, exemplifies how the aforementioned adapt-or-die phenomenon is changing entire industries. Traditional taxis, which are called curbside are ordered via telephone, still require cash or card payment. Uber, on the other hand, is an easy-to-use online platform that connects drivers and riders. It’s digital business model not only offers cheaper rides, it also provides a very convenient user experience and has proven very easy to scale, which explains how Uber, created in 2009, has grown into a $6.2 billion company in just 8 years. Today the company serves in over half a thousand cities across the world.

Especially over the last decade, the user experience and with it also the user expectations have been fundamentally changing worldwide and across almost all industries. Customers now expect to purchase products conveniently through quick and easy-to-use digital tools accessible at their fingertips.

What can your business gain from the Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is taking over every industry and it is constantly under discussion in most companies. New high priorities are being placed on the security, cost-effectiveness, reliability, integration and the global presence of digital transformations.

In order to go through with the digital transformation companies will need to overcome a number of obstacles, including outdated inflexible technologies and the lack of technological skills. However, getting the transformation right means benefit from numerous improvements such as cost savings, delivering better customer experiences, gaining new business opportunities, a flexible infrastructure, as well as competitive advantages.

Customer experience is the key to success: What Amazon does differently from many other online retailers.

Amazon has redefined the concept of customer experience by putting the needs of customers above everything else. Customer experience has become the heart of their business strategy and made Amazon the  largest Internet-based retailer in the world. Amazon has acknowledged that Customer needs change continuously and those who want to remain relevant need to continually keep up with the wants of customers. As a web-based business Amazon makes the buying process as fast, simple, and convenient as possible (e.g. One click shopping, ordering via twitter). Besides that, the web service is supported by channels such as an instant web chatting tool and email forms.

Further, Amazon helps their customers make decisions. If you select a product on Amazon, the website will show you what other customers also purchased with it. The large-scale corporation is able to capture a huge amount of data from customers which is then used to deliver personalized recommendations based on previous purchase history. Apart from that, customers can check relevant reviews before buying a product and also review retailers or products themselves.

As a company that is constantly moving forward, Amazon is reshaping online retail now and will be in the future.

What can Inovum do for you?

Inovum provides technology consultation services to assist you in developing your digital business model and to fully implement your technical solution using the latest technologies. The initial investment in a digital business model pays for itself by cutting costs significantly by automating decision-making processes and integrating innovative software that automatically collects data to improve the way you do business. Contact us to find out how your business can take advantage of digitalization to cut costs, streamline processes, and re-define your customers’ experience.

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