Dealing with the pandemic: How to work during and post Covid

The current situation has forced us to adopt new ways of working. Like other companies we had to reimagine our work and the role of our offices in order to create a safe, productive, and enjoyable work environment for our team.

Keep your team motivated and ensure project success

At Inovum we know that our team is the key to a successful business. Keeping our team members engaged and motivated is our main goal. But how do we accomplish that?

We make sure communication is effective

2020 has opened the door to a new remote working mentality. The Inovum team has found a way to combine remote work and office work in a flexible, efficient and employee-friendly way. With the start of many hours of remote work, effective communication has become more and more important. Good communication tools help get the job done on time and within budget. Inovum uses Slack, Skype, and Zoom for instant chat communications and video calls between our team members and customers. Our digital platforms allow group or private chats, video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing and file sharing. That way our team stays connected at all times even when working from different locations.

We adapt hour working hours to business AND personal needs

Together we can achieve more. We encourage team engagement. To satify the personal needs of our talents but also to promote personal interaction,  we work with a flexible schedule combining remote and office work.

Some prefer the flexibility that only home-office can offer, whilst for others, the routine, face-to-face interaction in the office is a way to achieve a better work-life balance. We prefer both.

Are employees more productive at home or in the office?

What works for one team member may not work for another. We have a high level of confidence in each of our team members. That is why, we encourage our team to be proactive and work the way it suits them best by giving them a high degree autonomy and self-responsibility.

Agile project management and transparency

Inovum seeks transparency at work for the team members and for the customer. We believe that operating with integrity within teams and with the customer is a vital part of project success.

We manage most of our workflows with JIRA, an effective software development tool that allows us to organize projects, teams and tasks. Jira Software is especially designed for software developers in order to plan, track, and release high quality software.

We share important information and we share results. Our team has regular Scrum meetings and our customers have access to important information such as user stories, task status reports, project updates, sprint reports, time tracking, etc.

Besides JIRA, we use Trello, a collaboration tool that helps us organize our projects. Trello functions like a bulletin board with post-it cards. It is a simple tool that shows you what needs to be done, what’s being worked on, and tasks that have been completed. Projects are presented in a very visual way through clearly structured sticky notes with colored labels and images on a virtual board.

Continuous learning through E-Learning platforms

We value E-learning platforms because they allow our team to maintain a flexible schedule. Each team member can learn the subject at their own pace and in comfortable settings. Not only does this benefit the learner, but also the company.

As technology enthusiasts we appreciate the possibility to learn new skills on an on-going basis. Knowledge is power: we love to challenge ourselves acquiring new knowledge, skills and ideas.

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