Why choose us

We provide professional and prompt service with personal attention. To make your decision pain-free we have listed a few reasons to help you decide whether Inovum is the right partner for your next IT Project.

We value your Investment :

Inovum values your investment and we believe in focusing completely on providing you as useful service as possible. We work to create impactful designs with an elegant user experience, rich internet applications combining our solid cross domain experience, technological expertise and established development methodology along with powerful online marketing. Our main goal is to generate maximum profits and ensure high return on investment in technology.

We are supported by a tremendously capable team :

Inovum is supported by a team of tremendously capable, talented and hardworking people. We are backed by a solid infrastructure and resources that we can dedicate an entire team of specialized professionals to your project. Hence, we blend their experience and expertise to create dynamic integrated solutions that offers impactful designs, advanced applications and powerful Internet Solutions.

Our working Methodology :

Your project will have a dedicated Project Manager, Website Designer, Web Programmer, Quality Assurance Tester and an Internet Marketing Consultant. Further, we will consider your project special. Our team will work day and night to make your project best in the industry. We will create dynamic integrated solutions for you that will increase your profits to leaps and bounds.

Our Commitment to our Clients :

We are very committed to our clients. Our aim is to build a relationship that is long term and based on trust and we will make sure that our services have a highly profitable impact on your business.

Our Commitment to Quality :

Inovum provides high quality and cost effective services. Many new clients are referred to us by our existing clients.

Our product:

Inowise was created by Inovum IT Solutions. It is a smart IIoT live asset management platform that helps your business to control and track devices, as well as store and analyze data.

The software comes with a personalized package including sensors and devices for a wide range of industrial environments (humidity, temperature, vibration, CO2 concentration, force, activity, pressure, acoustic emissions, material thickness, voltage, motor condition, GPS tracking, image recognition).