Java is the number one programming language

Java, used by 9 million developers and installed on over 7 billion devices worldwide, has proven itself capable of adapting to the rapid technological overhaul of the 21st century. According to TIOBE, a programming popularity tracker, Java has ranked number one among programming languages, followed by C, C++, and Python. Java’s approval rating in July 2016 was 19.8%, up 2.08% from July 2015. Conversely, both C and C++ have seen a decrease in popularity during the same period. Java’s impressive open-source ecosystem has allowed the language to adjust to new platforms and remain the most popular programming language in the world today. (more…)

Spring Framework

The Spring ( is a powerful and rich framework made for to building solid Java-based enterprise solutions. From the first touch you will notice that evert part of the Spring Framework is extremely configurable. It allows focusing on the application-level business logic, without unnecessary ties to specific deployment environments.
The Spring Framework includes several subproject that gives you flexible way of choosing the right tools for you development. Among them you will find: (more…)

Understanding the MVC Paradigm

MVC is a design paradigm or design pattern that emerged out of user interface development. Some people attribute it to Small Talk UI. At any rate, the real focus is to try to figure out how to structure a user interface application around good object oriented programming (OOPs) concepts like encapsulation, cohesion, loose couplings, and abstractions. All of these object oriented programming concepts can create re-usability. (more…)