Java & J2EE Development

With the growing complexities in the fields of software development, economy and various other complexities of the business houses the software developers have started using new techniques and platforms to provide solutions for complex problems as well as making it cost effective for their clients. Java web development services became one of the most popular and reliable software that the developers could work on and solve complex problems of corporate and business houses. Inovum IT Solutions offers customized Java software solutions and Java based web applications using some of the recent Java frameworks, tools and design patterns in order to bring out flexible and innovative solutions so as to help the clients in cutting their costs considerably as well as their efforts.

One of the most important aspects of the Java development services is the flexibility that it offers with the solutions. To provide Java web development services, our Java developers uses the extensive library of the Java components as well as its robust application framework in order to deliver applications that have high security scalability and performance requirements.

Here are some of the Java web development services our company offers:

Java web application development (Ajax, JavaScript, JQuery)
– JSF Java ServerFaces
– Spring Java web development
– Struts J2EE web development
– J2EE web application development
– Customized Java web development
– Java Applications integration
– Hiberanate
– Eclipse, JDeveloper, NetBeans, IntelliJ
-Tomcat, JBoss, Websphre, WebLogic

The benefits you can avail by using the J2EE architecture by Inovum IT Solutions:

– Development and implementation of the J2EE applications
– Development of Java Android Apps
– Integrating a J2EE application with various other back office web applications
– Migrating one application from some other architecture to the J2EE architecture

For inquiries regarding Java based Web Application Development Services please feel free to contact us by calling us or request a quote.

Advantages of JAVA

JAVA offers a number of advantages to developers.

Java is simple: Java was designed to be easy to use and is therefore easy to write, compile, debug, and learn than other programming languages. The reason that why Java is much simpler than C++ is because Java uses automatic memory allocation and garbage collection where else C++ requires the programmer to allocate memory and to collect garbage.

Java is object-oriented: Java is object-oriented because programming in Java is centered on creating objects, manipulating objects, and making objects work together. This allows you to create modular programs and reusable code.

Java is platform-independent: One of the most significant advantages of Java is its ability to move easily from one computer system to another.

The ability to run the same program on many different systems is crucial to World Wide Web software, and Java succeeds at this by being platform-independent at both the source and binary levels.

Java is distributed: Distributed computing involves several computers on a network working together. Java is designed to make distributed computing easy with the networking capability that is inherently integrated into it.

Writing network programs in Java is like sending and receiving data to and from a file. For example, the diagram below shows three programs running on three different systems, communicating with each other to perform a joint task.

Java is interpreted: An interpreter is needed in order to run Java programs. The programs are compiled into Java Virtual Machine code called bytecode.

The bytecode is machine independent and is able to run on any machine that has a Java interpreter. With Java, the program need only be compiled once, and the bytecode generated by the Java compiler can run on any platform.

Java is secure: Java is one of the first programming languages to consider security as part of its design. The Java language, compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment were each developed with security in mind.

Java is robust: Robust means reliable and no programming language can really assure reliability. Java puts a lot of emphasis on early checking for possible errors, as Java compilers are able to detect many problems that would first show up during execution time in other languages.

Java is multithreaded: Multithreaded is the capability for a program to perform several tasks simultaneously within a program. In Java, multithreaded programming has been smoothly integrated into it, while in other languages, operating system-specific procedures have to be called in order to enable multithreading. Multithreading is a necessity in visual and network programming.