Barcelona: The next IT Powerhouse

Barcelona is the Mobile World Capital until 2023, meaning that each year it will host the Mobile World Congress to showcase the latest technology, host keynotes speakers, and enable business leaders to connect. In 2016, the MWC had over 100,000 attendees from over 204 countries! Inovum had a booth at the 2016 event and had a great experience networking with leaders in the worldwide mobile industry while getting updated on the latest in technology. We are eagerly looking forward to the 2017 event, which should be an even bigger success.

Some of the top business and IT schools in Barcelona, such as IESE, ESADE, and IED, attract top young talent from all over the world. Additionally, the IT salaries in Barcelona are very attractive compared to London and Berlin, offering an opportunity to hire talented young developers at bargain prices. Inovum is well-positioned to recruit and hire from this talent pool that is proficient with the latest computer frameworks and languages.

The El Poblenou district is a prime example of how Barcelona is investing in technological growth and innovation. The 22@ movement represents Barcelona’s goal of refurbishing Poblenou, previously a textile and industrial center, into an innovative and modern center as the city’s new tech district. There are also a surplus of renowned accelerator companies that specialize in providing startups with financial funding, experienced mentorship, and top-notch office spaces.

Barcelona, located in northern Spain, offers cheap and flexible daily flights to and from all major cities in Europe. Additionally, its location right on the Mediterranean Sea creates a beach lifestyle unlike any other technological hub in Europe. The incredible weather, beautiful beaches, and thriving tourism-driven economy offer an attractive lifestyle for young IT professionals. Barcelona is well-positioned to be the next major IT powerhouse, and Inovum is thrilled to be based in such a dynamic and exciting city.

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