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Inovum works hard every day with clients to design, engineer and develop a wide variety of custom computer software applications using an array of technologies and platforms. In each case, as it would be in yours, the main goal is the usability, costs, flexibility, speed of delivery and maintainability of the resulting product. Inovum supports you throughout the entire lifecycle of the application to ensure the product meets your requirements and continues to do so as long as it is needed.

Whether you need a web application or an internal computer application, you will find an attentive, progressive and quality driven partner in Inovum IT Solutions.

Requirements and Design

Each requirement is unique and often can be correctly met using a variety of technologies and software. Inovum works with you to find the solution that best meets your needs. In some cases, open source software or a variation on an open source platform may be the best solution; in others a purely custom solution works best. Inovum will recommend the solution that best suits your needs and your existing or planned environment.

Good design is a critical and often overlooked aspect of a successful software project. Well designed software systems are quicker to develop, easier to maintain and provide greater function. Cost is always an important factor in projects. Inovum’s experienced software designers will work to make your application the most cost efficient solution possible that meets your needs.

Application Development Process

Once the requirements are defined and the system designed the application development process will begin. During this phase, you will have regular update meetings with your project manager to keep you abreast of progress as well as to show you the intermediate results. Inovum believes it is better to interact with you during this phase to ensure that the resulting product is the very best possible and that incremental changes can be properly addressed early in the design process rather than late.

Project Management

Your project will be assigned a senior manager who is responsible to you for the project’s success and who also has the authority to ensure Inovum does everything needed to make it so. Your senior manager is available to you at any time. You will also be assigned a project manager who is responsible for the day to day development process and maintaining an open line of communication with you and ensuring you are aware of the projects status and any issues encountered.

Custom Software Development Capabilities at Inovum

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