Services Overview

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    Angular Web application development
    Good tools make web application development quicker and easier to maintain. Angular is a popular framework that helps maintain web infrastructures with ease & comfortability....
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    Maintenance & Testing
    We offer a reliable service for maintenance and testing to guarantee the stability and success of our clients applications. Most companies only focus on the launch of...
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    Rich Internet Applications
    Inovum takes a unique and thorough approach to Rich Internet Application (RIA) development, creating secure, results-oriented business applications that provide the end user with a...
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    Java & J2EE Development
    With the growing complexities in the fields of software development, economy and various other complexities of the business houses the software developers have started using...
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    IT Consulting & Conception
    Inovum can provide you with a variety of information technology consulting services to assist you with including requirements definition, equipment specifications, commercial software evaluation, system...
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    Android & iPhone App Development
    Inovum develops advanced mobile applications for iPhone and Android. Our development process considers both technological novelty and customized preferences. Desired client’s applications are built to...

Nearshore Development

With the growing complexity of the computing industry, organizations are examining their IT services and trying to reduce their costs by using outside resources. Inovum provides these capabilities. Our location in Barcelona, with its low cost of living, allows us to offer a highly trained and available workforce with all of the necessary communications capabilities, yet keep the costs much more manageable than is possible in much of the rest of Europe. In addition, as a transportation hub, Barcelona offers low cost transportation to most of Europe. Inovum has the business knowledge, technical experience, resources and facilities to ensure your software services are handled cost effectively.

User Experience & Web Usability Consulting

It’s so very important to your web presentation that your customers not only have a good experience when they visit your web site, but that it is user-friendly and easy.

On a website, User Experience can be defined as the overall indicator of how the visitor perceives, responds, experiences and uses the web site while Web Usability often refers to the design, methodology or functionality of a site. Web usability affects all users and is a “measurement” of how easy it is to carry out a task – whatever the website task may be.

So no matter if your company website is Business-to-Business or E-Commerce, SEO Web Consulting offers User Experience and Web Usability solutions addressing the specific web site elements that ultimately result in higher conversions and higher profits.