Rich Internet Applications

Inovum takes a unique and thorough approach to Rich Internet Application (RIA) development, creating secure, results-oriented business applications that provide the end user with a faster, more responsive, and more expressive interface than a traditional application. RIA development offers a rich, engaging experience that enables businesses to enhance productivity and utilize advanced communication systems to bring a higher level of service and efficiency to customers world-wide.

What are Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)?

Rich Internet Applicaiont Development is a result of improvements to user interface technology and is becoming more popular than traditional HTML Internet applications. RIA development addresses some of the shortfalls of first generation web applications. RIA is a fully interactive browser or web-based business application but offers the power, interface flexibility and functionality of a desktop application.

Benefits of Rich Internet Application Development:

  • Provides a user interface that is more robust, engaging, and visually appealing than traditional HTML applications
  • Improves user satisfaction and productivity
  • Requires no software installation
  • Allows creation of rich multi-media features including audio, video, and technical
  • Creates applications that are responsive to the cloud computing services
  • Allows users to monitor and manage data anywhere and anytime through remote access
  • Reduces operating and infrastructure costs
  • Enables faster processing with the ability to load data faster without the need to refresh the entire page
  • Simplifies online transactions eliminating the multi-page, multi-step transaction and allowing the user to remain in the initial environment
  • Provides cross-browser and platform consistency and support
  • Provides measurable benefits including higher conversion rates

Our RIA Development Services Include:

  • Ajax Development
  • Java Script
  • Interactive ECommerce
  • HTML5
  • Flash