Angular JS – the next generation Javascript framework

In this article I will overview the main improvements and benefits in the web development using the well known Javascript framework Angular JS (from now referred as Angular).

I’ll focus on Ajax orientated JSON structured projects. Most people already know how easy and straightforward the data-binding with Angular is.

The benefits in Developing Single Page Applications (SPA) with Angular are several and considerable. There are many advantages by using Angular, for instance being able to improve your Test-Driven Development or the Behavior-Driven Development. By declaring your UI and placing markup directly in the HTML, the presentation is kept logic in one place and separated from the imperative logic. The key is that the shaping is done right there in the markup rather than in some isolated code.

Furthermore the dependencies injection is handled very well, both for testing and for SPA development.

Some people migth say that for huge applications the SPA is not a good strategy, but in such case the best approach would be the hybrid SPA, that consists in dividing the application in as many SPAs as web sections. The force of this strategy is the development divided in directives consisting in new HTML elements and attributes.

Such structure permits an optimized workflow between design and development, which allows a high grade of parallel development. The aim should be to break down the actions into their own services and sub controllers, so that developers could independently test the code without crashing into each other.

We already get started with the beta version of Angular 2. It’s a big step forward that the frontend is now completely made of components and directives and can use all the features from other JavaScript libraries. Now it is easy to communicate with the database and make use of WebSockets. It has also become a better way to create directives and components that are very easy to integrate with other frameworks. It is no longer a typical JavaScript framework, it is compiled to JavaScript, but in fact, every language may be used if it can be compiled to JavaScript.

Angular is shipped with all the necessary tools and characteristics to be a very stable and versatile Javascript framework solution for all kind of Single Page Applications and with Angular 2 our software will achieve a better performance with such bold but positive migration.